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Cost-Saving Programs

Cost-Saving Programs

Get access to cost-saving programs and benefits as a WRLA member. From group insurance to special shipping and freight offers to mental health and wellness, WRLA cares for your wellbeing and success.

WRLA Group Property Insurance & WRLA Employee Insurance Benefit Plan

WRLA gives members access to group property and employee benefit plans. [More]

Additional Insurance, Travel & Communication Programs

Current WRLA Members and their employees can take advantage of these cost-saving benefit programs offered through HUB International: [More]

Deferred Profit Sharing Plan

Deferred Profit Sharing Plans permit employees to share in their company’s success through employer contributions. [More]


WRLA members can take advantage of competitive rates on shipping services with the UPS Members Benefit Program. [More]

Commercial Gas Cards - Petro-Canada SuperPass

High-security cards offer choices between single and multi-user and vehicle or station-assigned cards. [More]

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