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Why Join

Why Join

Why Should You Join?

Are you a building supply retailer or vendor based in Western Canada? Whether you’re just starting out, run a third-generation business or find yourself often working within the hardware and building supply industry, there are many reasons why you may want to become a Western Regional Lumber Association member. We have a large and diverse membership base and continue to grow every year.


One of the top reasons that our members join and stay on is the opportunity to connect with one another, form business partnerships and tap into a wide network of knowledgeable industry people. WRLA hosts and supports a variety of networking events throughout the year. Our flagship event is the WRLA Building & Hardware Showcase that takes place annually. We also host WRLA golf tournaments and NexGEN student activities for our members.

WRLA Golf Tournaments

WRLA is planning four golf tournaments in 2022. [More]

Industry News and Updates

WRLA provides its members with regular news and updates for the lumber and building supply industry. Through Yardstick, the WRLA eNewsletter, the annual industry directory, and access to an industry career opportunity board, as a WRLA member you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge.

WRLA eNewsletter

The WRLA updates come directly to your inbox weekly. This brief update provides quick and current industry news, WRLA membership updates and reminders for important deadlines. To subscribe, click here.

Yardstick, Industry News Magazine

Yardstick is published and delivered to members quarterly. This industry magazine provides leading information on business practices, industry trends, innovative technology, arising legal and legislative issues and new products and services that impact the lumber and building supply industry across Western Canada.

Annual Industry Directory & Product Source Guide

Our Industry Directory and Product Source Guide is the most comprehensive information source available for the building supply industry. This guide is a must-have year-round reference resource for retailers and vendors. [More]

Free Career Opportunity Postings

WRLA members can post career opportunities directly on the national Building Materials Council of Canada website at no charge. This lumber and building supply industry hub will allow your postings to be viewed nationally with a large viewership and employee pool. Similarly, it allows those looking for a career to view jobs available across Western Canada. [More]

Industry Occupation & Job Description Handbook

WRLA has developed a list of occupations and job descriptions specific to the building supply industry to assist owners and hiring managers. This is a guide and resource for members that can be developed and tailored for specific purposes. [More]

Industry Surveys

WRLA conducts surveys with our members on topics such as wage and salary, business conditions and banking to provide real information that serves as a benchmark for your company against others in the building supply industry. Keeping up to date with industry information allows us, and you, to continue to grow and build.

Education, Training & Professional Development

Investing in your and your employees’ success is investing in your company’s success. Education is fundamental to maintaining our high industry standards. WRLA offers a wide-range of educational courses and certificates, updated procedural policies and educational grants so members can continue being the best in the industry. [More]

Educational Training

Education and training are essential components in hiring and retaining quality employees. Professional development is also proven to increase your ROI. Keep your employees safe by registering them for BRANDT Operator Safety Training Courses. [More]

Education Grant Program

We are currently restructuring the education grants program. Stay tuned for more information on how members can benefit from the WRLA education grants program.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

This procedure manual is a guide and resource only. It’s a good idea to keep the attached file as the master template document to refer to after modification. The fields to insert your company name and information are underlined. Read the document carefully and modify accordingly to your specifications. 

Group Insurance Plans & Wellness Resources

Our members' health is important to us. WRLA provides members with cost-effective means to ensure they and their employees have employee benefit plans, insurance programs and overall access to wellness initiatives. [More]

WRLA Building & Hardware Showcase

The WRLA Building & Hardware Showcase is the place to do business, learn about the future of the industry and the advocacy work WRLA is involved in, and connect with other members – this annual convention facilitates business development for the lumber and building materials industry. [More]

Discounts & Special Offers

As a WRLA member, you have access to different discounts and special offers. These money-saving initiatives were developed to help you save money so it can be used to help your business continue to grow. Some of these offers including reduced shipping costs and fuel costs. [More]

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