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Training Courses

Training Courses for Your Business

WRLA offers courses and training for our members so you can develop industry-related skills and use the tools needed to accomplish effective:

  • Estimating
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management

WRLA courses are held across Western Canada and at the annual WRLA Building & Hardware Showcase.

Principles of Yard and Warehouse Operations  

This one-day course focuses on the principles to successfully operate a building centre yard or warehouse. Learn the key principles of efficient inventory management, logistics, customer service, yard layout, equipment and safety.

WRLA member price: $289.00 + GST


Manual Estimating  

Become an expert estimator in the lumber and building supply industry. WRLA offers three levels of courses, from introductory to expert, on developing estimates for a variety of projects. Each course has a comprehensive exam with a certificate awarded upon completion of the level. Once you have completed all of the courses, you will be awarded a “Professional Estimator” certificate.

Online Estimating Level 1: Estimating Fundamentals - Decks & Garages

This online course teaches you the basic knowledge of estimating for a variety of projects, including decks, garages and roofs. You will gain the knowledge base of the products and be able to understand the steps used in these projects - from estimating to completion.

Estimating Fundamentals is offered in class and online. Click here to register.

Regular WRLA member price: $425 + GST

Manual Estimating Level 1 (in-person): Estimating Fundamentals - Decks & Garages

This two-day introductory course teaches you the basic knowledge of estimating for a variety of projects, including decks, garages and roofs. You will gain the knowledge base of the products and be able to understand the steps used in these projects - from estimating to completion.

WRLA member price: $578.00 + GST
Non-WRLA member price: $778.00 + GST

Manual Estimating Level 1 is offered in class

Manual Estimating Level 2 (in-person): Estimating for Residential Construction

This two-day course trains employees who work with contractors and other customers. The second Manual Estimating course trains you to supply correct materials, provide accurate pricing and successfully participate in the sales process. One of the many things you will learn is to produce accurate and professional estimates based on residential blueprints.

To participate in this course, it is highly recommended that the Manual Estimating Level 1 course has been completed.

WRLA member price: $578.00 + GST
Non-WRLA member price: $778.00 + GST

Manual Estimating Level 3 (in-person): Advanced Estimating

This one-day course covers various advanced scenarios that an estimator will encounter in the field. You will have an open forum to discuss “tricky” house plans and general concerns that may arise. You will also complete practical exercises for hands-on experience and training purposes.

To participate in this course, you must have completed Manual Estimating Level 2.

WRLA member price: $289.00 + GST
Non-WRLA member price: $389.00 + GST

To receive more information on a course or register for an upcoming course please email Robin Webb,


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Building Science and Energy Efficiency Awareness  

Designed for anyone in building design, construction and management who wants a better understanding of how buildings work, it will provide a solid grounding in the fundamentals of building science, from air movement and moisture management to energy-efficient windows and doors. It will also get you up-to-speed on National Building Code requirements for new buildings, additions and major alterations.

You’ll learn:
  • fundamentals of building science – including heat, air and moisture flow

  • basics of HVAC systems and HVAC requirements

  • how to insulate and seal the building envelope

  • various types of building materials and their effectiveness

  • energy efficiency of different types of windows and doors

  • National Building Code Section 9.36 requirements

The flexible online delivery lets you build knowledge and skills on your own schedule. Following completion of the course, you’ll have the foundation needed to assess the energy efficiency and cost performance of various materials, building designs and mechanical systems.

Cost: WRLA member price: $350 + GST / Non-WRLA member price: $500 + GST

To register or for more information, email Robin Webb.



WHMIS training is legally required for all employees who are exposed or likely to be exposed to a hazardous material or controlled product at the workplace. Ensure your employees have up-to-date knowledge on how to protect themselves and their co-workers from hazardous products in the workplace.

Sask Polytech and the Western Retail Lumber Association are partnering to deliver WHMIS-GHS, a short 4-hour course designed to familiarize you and your employees with the WHMIS 2015 system, including GHS, and how it is used in workplaces. (In recent years, WHMIS has changed to align with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. GHS is used worldwide by many of Canada’s global trading partners, including the United States.)

Participants will learn:
• Proper safety procedures to follow when using hazardous products
• Hazard identification
• Product classification
• Product labeling

Upon successful completion, participants will be issued a WHMIS certificate (valid for two years).

Course: WHMIS-GHS - SaskPolytech (SFTY-1821)
Location: Online and in Saskatoon
Length: 4 hours
Cost: $35
Prerequisite: None

For more information or to register, email Robin Webb


FREE COURSE: Applied Trades Math  

This course is not a prerequisite, but would be beneficial for those taking Manual Estimating as a math refresher. Thank you to Saskatchewan Polytechnic for partnering with the WRLA on sharing these courses.

sask poly

Applied Trades Math

FREE course available until June 30, 2022

This 24-hour, self-paced course provides students with the opportunity to review and improve their math skills. It focuses on concepts most commonly used in workplaces, apprenticeships and trades environments. The online course is conducted through D2L Open Courses using videos, interaction opportunities and discussion forums.

Course Number: 202111-1919

The course will review concepts related to:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Percentages
  • Measuring
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Working with money 
  • To register, email Faye Eberle at


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