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NexGEN 2.0 is coming to the 2018 WRLA Buying Show

Recently the WRLA has partnered with SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) to directly connect its students to the LBM Industry in an effort to create pathways to employment, while providing WRLA Members with a potential quality recruiting grounds. The LBM industry is a stable industry full of opportunity and wonderful people, and the WRLA wants to ensure it is doing its part to promote the industry and career opportunities within it to the next generation.

WRLA NexGEN is bringing a group of keen 3rd and 4th-year Supply Chain and Marketing students to walk the show floor and interact with exhibiting companies! If you're interested in having these students visit your booth to learn about your company and employment opportunities, please contact Wynne Au, Member Services Manager at
This is a great recruitment opportunity for WRLA Members!

2018 WRLA Buying Show – NexGEN Student Tour
Friday, January 19, 2018
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
(BMO Centre)

This unique opportunity is only available to exhibiting WRLA Members! Act quickly, as participation spots are limited!

NexGEN 2.0 Debuts in Calgary with Student Tour and Industry Reception

WRLA President, Liz Kovach and Member Services Manager, Wynne Au organized a private tour for Supply Chain and Marketing Students.  They had a chance to get up-close-and-personal with the milling, manufacturing, and retailing of Alberta wood products.

“In the past, the WRLA’s NexGEN program has promoted LBM careers to young people through ‘meet-and-greets’ with our members,” said WRLA President Liz Kovach. “The NexGEN committee’s decision to take things to the next level – what we’re informally calling NexGEN 2.0 – was built upon the insight that actually seeing how LBM products are milled, manufactured and sold would be far more engaging to career-seeking students. That’s why the WRLA and our members worked with SAIT to organize the September 6th tour.”


WRLA 2017 Buying Show NexGEN Speaker Breakfast, Sponsored in-part by TIMBER Mart

Al came to us from Kalypso Consulting in Dallas, Texas.  Along with updates on the current American political front, he also brought the hottest and most innovative retail trends.  Proud sponsor of this event, Timber Mart Group, agrees that the delicious breakfast we enjoyed wasn’t the only thing to digest! Based on current trends in technology and eCommerce; companies like Amazon offer 4 out of every 5 products found in your average retail stores, but for approx. 9% cheaper.  And considering technology trends, today there are over 6.4 billion inter-connected devices in use. And by 2020 it’s expected to increase to 21 billion devices, but also IoT (Internet of Things, or the networking of physical devices) will account for over $36 billion of the global retail market. So if you’re not selling the hottest tech in the industry, or helping customers shop with their devise, you may want to look into it!

Click here to download Kalypso Consulting "Retail Innovation Annual Report 2016"

NexGEN Networking Night | October 2016

WRLA NexGEN welcomed members at Academy Bowling Lanes in Winnipeg, MB for an evening of Networking, Bowling and Indutsry Updates!  


The business of change - It's vital to adapt to new work styles

By: Barbara Bowes

GROWTH is one challenge all businesses face; the other major challenge is keeping up with the times. In other words, assertively managing change over the lifetime of your business is the key to success. It means changing with the customer market, planning ahead, managing finances in tough times, solving problems with workable solutions and putting systems in place that are efficient and effective for the long term.

It also means adapting to the work styles new generations bring into the work world. And, that is exactly what the Western Retail Lumber Association (WRLA) has done. Kudos to them.  Read more...

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