BeingWell as a Member and Employer

These days, business owners perform more than just the standard set of managerial duties in the workplace; Human Resources, Operations, Client Service, Educator and occasionally Counselor roles can all creep into your daily grind. You appreciate your employees for what they do for your business and you want to make sure they’re healthy and happy. But, who’s making sure that you’re also healthy and happy? Look no further than your Member Benefits program with WRLA to help achieve both!

WRLA Members are now a part of the BeingWell online community where you receive:

  • Unlimited, 24/7 access to proactive tools and resources that will help you and your employees improve your total health and build your personal networks of Wellness connections.
  • An intuitive layout of the portal’s components to simplify navigation of the resources and allow you to find what you’re looking for – fast! Problems always seem bigger when it’s difficult to find a solution so having a wealth of information at your fingertips can help keep issues in perspective and productivity as a priority.
  • “@BeingWellSocial” on Twitter and “BeingWell” on Facebook to provide helpful tips and resource links right to your daily news feed – no searching required!
  • Information specific to WRLA members – connect to your group benefits coverage and retirement savings program right from the portal!

These resources are designed to help you and your employees maintain positive Mental, Physical and Financial health when at home and on the job. We encourage you to share BeingWell with your family members as well so they may benefit from the information and make a healthy life a top priority. The tools, resources and information provided are 100% of a proactive nature however; if you or your employees are experiencing personal crisis please do not contact BeingWell but rather your Employee Assistance Plan counselor intake number (if applicable in your organization) or 911.

As a WRLA Member you also have the opportunity to customize your own version of BeingWell for your organization! Tailor the content, look and communications to suit your organization’s Wellness objectives and other benefits. Contact us through to discuss how you can have your version of BeingWell today!

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