Why become a WRLA Member?


It’s not who you know, it’s who knows YOU. Your network is your most valuable asset. The WRLA hosts numerous events throughout the year designed to help our members make connections.
The WRLA Buying Show, golf tournaments, local member networking events, and student tours are hosted every year to build member networks. Each event provides a unique opportunity for you to connect with your customers and vendors.


The WRLA has initiatives to support the industry’s needs in areas such as attracting new talent, providing educational opportunities, creating awareness of opportunities, and working as an advocate on behalf the industry at a national level.


Our publications and communications channels are designed to promote members and their businesses. Members like to support other members. We offer opportunities to advertise and be featured to thousands of fellow members. Publications include: the Yardstick Magazine, The Annual Directory & Product Source Guide, WRLA News e-newsletter, and social media. #WRLAConnects

Stay connected, stay engaged, and together we can help you grow!

Membership Information

Your WRLA membership options are: RETAIL, ASSOCIATE and AFFILIATE.

Your permanent retail presence is open to the public during normal business hours, or is an operation having an all-contractor customer base.


You are a manufacturer or wholesaler for sales of products and services related to the construction, renovation, and repair markets.


You are a company that provides either a program or service to the industry in a manner where both the WRLA and the company benefit.


What members say:

“This sharing and generosity in the industry is part of my belief system about why I believe in the WRLA as well. It’s difficult for people who work for different banners to come together sometimes. But my ex¬perience reinforces my belief that we should be more industry-minded rather than banner-minded. My membership has brought me the benefits of sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and ultimately im¬proving the industry. Everyone helps each other out and in the process all parties benefit. Everyone wins.”
Marc Palsson, WRLA Board Member and RONA Gimli Manager.

“When Wade and I first decided to open a niche lumber yard, we had no idea what “WRLA” was. We had a little guidance from others in the industry and given that we were rookies entering the retail side of the business, they suggested we should seriously consider two organizations - the WRLA and a buying group. We had a lot of questions along the way, and of course the most important part of business - any business - is your network of people you surround yourself with. The WRLA has been exactly that for us. Thankfully, the industry has accepted us and we enjoy being one of the gang now. We look forward to once again shaking hands with the members at the next event!”
Wade Laurent and Shane Chapman, Owners, The Ultimate Deck Shop

“The WRLA Buying Show is a key marketing venture for us because it provides us the opportunity to see a lot of people at one time.”
Hardy Rahn, Director of Sales for Canada, Alliance Door Products

“The WRLA is the Who’s Who of the Canadian lumber industry when it comes to marketing, company profiles, and product recognition. The industry and market information that the WRLA provides through such things as the Yardstick and newsletters – it’s very helpful. Through attending previous shows, word-of-mouth, and Gorman Bros (our Canadian supplier of wood) we knew that becoming a member of the WRLA was a must if we wanted to enter the market, meet new contacts, and to gain both company and product recognition”
Eric Pommerening, Director of Sales, Coeur D’Alene Wood

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