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Sponsorship - Webinars

Our webinars have become very popular amongst members as an opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge base, and to strengthen and enhance their business. The webinars cover a wide range of business topics including marketing, leadership, data security, HR and industry trends.
For our sponsors, it’s a prime opportunity to be visible to a captive audience of existing and potential customers, and open the door to new opportunities. Sponsorships are a valuable way to improve your visibility and enhance your company’s profile.

Upcoming Webinars

September 28 - Building Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

This webinar is sponsored by

12:30 - 1:30 CST

Presented by Melenie Olfert, Instructor, Cultural Studies and Business Communication, University of Winnipeg

How is Productivity and Inclusive leadership connected?  Diverse and Inclusive teams start with a 17% higher productivity.  They are 29% more collaborative and are reported to make high quality decisions.  Why? Join us for a presentation on diversity & inclusion at work and in the industry as a whole. You will:


  • Have a better understanding of what is meant by Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace,  
  • Articulate the business case and benefits of Diversity & Inclusion,
  • Know the elements of workplace diversity with a focus on gender and cultural diversity, and
  • Take away some tips to continue building diversity and inclusion within your business.


October 26 - Make Hiring Easier - Leveraging Employer Brand to improve hiring success for Building Materials organizations

12:30pm - 1:30pm CST

Presenter, Stephen Borer, Founding Partner, DMC Recruitment Group

In this session Stephen breaks down what an employer brand is and how to use yours to attract the right talent. This session is aimed at local and regional building supply dealers, building material manufacturers and distributors.


November 16 - Social Media Planning for Trade Shows

12:30 - 1:30pm CST

Presenter, Charmaine Jennings, Strategic Charm Boutique

It's no secret successful trade shows can drive a lot of traffic to your business. But did you forget about your online traffic? While it's great to make in-person connections and pass out business cards, in the age of social media, potential customers and retailers often go to Facebook or Instagram to learn more about you; sometimes before going to your website. If your social media channels are stale and don't have fresh or engaging content, your trade show connection may lose interest. During this webinar I'll walk you through how to prepare your social media channels prior to your trade show, how to utilize features like lives and Instagram stories during the trade show, and how to keep engagement going after the trade show has ended.


Past Webinars

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