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Operator Safety Training Courses

CERVUS and the WRLA have partnered to bring our members safety courses. WRLA members receive up to 40% off regular prices for a variety of safety training - both jobsite training and at any of the CERVUS Equipment Training Centres. 

Reduce equipment, product and facility damages

Reduce worker’s compensation claims and premiums

Increase productivity

Improve maintenance condition of equipment

Enhance employee morale and company safety culture

Jobsite training includes complete worksite-hazard assessment training, equipment inspection training and CSA/OHS compliant course material.

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WRLA Classroom Courses

We are now booking for fall classroom courses. 

WRLA members are eligible for rebates - click on the Course Rebate Form and Travel Rebate Form to apply for your rebate.

November 5 &6 Manual Estimating Level 1 (Decks & Garages) Red Deer
November 7 & 8 Manual Estimating Level 2 (Residential Construction) Red Deer
November 9 Principles of Yard and Warehouse Operations Red Deer
November 26 & 27 Manual Estimating Level 1 (Decks & Garages) Winnipeg
November 28 & 29 Manual Estimating Level 2 (Residential Construction) Winnipeg
November 30 Principles of Yard and Warehouse Operations Winnipeg

Manual Estimating - Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3

The program is structured on a progressive basis, starting with Estimating Fundamentals - Decks and Garages, then moves to Estimating for Residential Construction, and ending with an Advanced Estimators Forum.

Level 1: Estimating Fundamentals - Decks and Garages (2-day course)

Course outline:
• Applying math to estimating - thought processes
• Estimate vs. Quotation
• Dimensional lumber and basic building material components
• Decks
• Understanding roofs and pitch
• Detached garage material estimating
• Understanding hip roofs or hip roof basics
A step-by-step workbook is included and is yours to keep for future reference. There will be a examination at the end of this course.

Level 2: Estimating for Residential Construction (2-day course)

To participate in this course, you should have completed the Estimating Fundamentals or should have experience with small project estimating at the customer service counter, or job-site experience in residential construction.

Course Outline:
• Quotations vs. Estimate
• Disclaimers
• Structural Specifications
• Math Skills Review
• Understanding roofs
• Calculating waste factors
• Reading and understanding blueprints
• Getting started with your "take-off"
• Checklist of building materials for take-off
• Foundation, Beam, Floor system, Stairs, Exterior walls, Interior walls, Roof system
• Exterior finish and Interior components
• Qualifying your customers
• Estimating strategies
• Estimating tables and charts
A step-by-step workbook is included and is yours to keep for future reference. There will be a examination at the end of this course

Level 3: Advanced Estimating (1-day course)

To participate in this course you must have completed Estimating for Residential Construction.

Advanced house estimating covers various advanced scenarios that an estimator will encounter in the field. This course gives the student estimators an open forum to discuss “tricky” house plans and general concerns in the field. Practical exercises will be completed on the various sections for hands on training purposes.
A step-by-step workbook is included and is yours to keep for future reference. There will be a examination at the end of this course.

There will be an exam and certificate awarded at the end of each level. Upon completion of the three core courses the student will be awarded a "Professional Estimator" certificate.

Manual Estimating is also available online.

We recognize that online courses address two important issues for our members. It offers cost savings for members who need to travel from remote locations to attend and it saves employee time that would be spent away from the store.

The Estimating Fundamental On-Line project is a collaboration of the Building Material Council of Canada (BMCC) made up of the Building Supply Industry Association of BC (BSIA), the Western Retail Lumber Association (WRLA), The Lumber and Building Materials Association of Ontario (LBMAO), and the Atlantic Building Supply Dealers Association (ABSDA). Under the direction of the BMCC, Stan Burkholder, a well-respected BMCC and industry facilitator, has worked with one of Canada’s leading developers of on-line programming to translate the two-day classroom Manual Estimating Fundamentals Course to this online platform. Our vision is for the online course to match in intensity, and relevance, what the classroom course provides.

We have eliminated the time and cost to travel to a learning center to participate in the traditional 2-day Estimating Fundamentals Workshop. While containing the same information as the workshop, this new platform delivers a learning experience lasting approximately 8 hours that is accessible anywhere, anytime, from a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

This course is ideally suited to any building supply retail staff member either directly or indirectly involved in the estimating process for decks, sheds or garages.

Module 1: The Sales Process
Module 2: The Deck Estimate
Module 3: The Garage Estimate Part 1
Module 4: The Garage Estimate Part 2
Deck Exam
Garage Exam

The modules and exams should take no longer than 8 hours to complete once you sign in and pay. There is no time limit.

The cost of this online program is $425.

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**Note: The Building Material Council of Canada (BMCC) is an umbrella organization comprised of four regional and provincial dealers’ associations across Canada. 

Principles of Yard and Warehouse Operations

A one day course to focus on the principles to successfully operate a building center yard or warehouse.

Learn the key principles of efficient inventory management, logistics, customer service, yard layout, equipment and safety.

To Register for Classroom Courses, please contact:

Wynne Au, WRLA Member Services Manager
Direct: 204-953-1691 | TF: 1-800- 661-0253 | Email:

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