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Visit the Member Area for retailer Hotel Rebate forms.

Contact for any questions or comments.

Important note regarding unauthorized groups soliciting WRLA members for their business.

1.    We are aware of this issue
2.    We are taking steps to stop any future unauthorized contact with WRLA members

The WRLA does not work with any booking agencies.

The WRLA has not commissioned any outside groups to book accommodations or to book any other related travel items for the Buying Show. The WRLA has directly negotiated all hotel rates with our partners.

Do not book with organizations calling you directly.
WRLA members must contact hotels directly to book accommodation for the 2019 Buying Show.

We do not now, nor will we ever sell our membership lists.

WRLA does not sell membership lists. The lists offered by these organizations do not originate from the WRLA.

Members are advised not to purchase lists from those claiming to have access to WRLA members and/or show attendees.

We are taking the following steps:
•    We are notifying all our members via our communications channels about unauthorized organizations contacting members.
•    We are working with our hotel partners to find out who these organizations are, and to put an end to any unauthorized solicitations or sale of unauthorized member lists.
•    If necessary, we will work with our legal team to stop this action taking place now and in the future.

If you are contacted by someone wishing to book hotel or travel please ask for their contact details and send the details to the WRLA office. We appreciate your help in this matter.

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