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  • Liz Kovack, President
    Liz Kovach
    TF: 1.800.661.0253
    Local: 204-953-1698Ext: 1
  • Carolynne Jansen
    Carolynne Jansen
    Director, Membership and Business Development
    TF: 1.800.661.0253
    Local: 204-953-1698 Ext: 5
  • Alisa Luo
    Alisa Luo
    Graphic Designer
    TF: 1.800.661.0253
    Local: 204-953-1698
  • Travis
    Travis Waite
    Accounting & Office Manager
    TF: 1.800.661.0253 Ext:2
    Local: 204-953-1698Ext:2
  • Myriah Martin
    Myriah Martin
    Event & Projects Coordinator
    Local: 780-914-0650

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