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RBMSP – Purchasing course

“I have always used the excuses of “lack of time” or, “I just can’t get away right now” when it came to furthering my education within the industry. However, this past fall I decided that I needed to finally commit to one of the seminars offered by the WRLA. If not for my own benefit, for the ability to speak to the quality of the courses the WRLA offers. As a member of the board of directors for the WRLA I felt it a requirement that I can speak about the courses and products we offer. So, in March 2012 I attended my first course, Retail Business Management Studies Program (RBMSP) – Purchasing, in Edmonton. The course ran over two full days and the amount of information, discussion and interaction with fellow retailers was, in my opinion, phenomenal. I came out of the course with an enhanced understanding and why things work the way they do. The course content was fully focused on the lumber / hardware industry and made things very relevant and easy to understand. Wayne Cameron has a wealth of knowledge and experience, that he easily conveys to the class.

All I can say is forget your excuses. I came out of that course wondering why I hadn’t done this earlier? Wondering why I haven’t been sending my staff to these seminars for years!? As for me, I will be continuing with the RBMSP courses with the intention of completing all of them. In addition, my staff will be rotated through these courses too. With further education we will be making our company more efficient and competitive. We will also be helping make the industry a more educated place too.

A quote I heard from a colleague once was, “We are afraid to educate our staff because we feel that if we educate them, they could leave. However, the flip side is that if we don’t educate them, that is as smart as they’ll ever get. Is that what you want for your business?”
Mark Westrum, Westrum Lumber - TIM-BR Mart



Manual Estimating

The following are anonymous testimonials.

“Stan’s way of estimating is unbelievable; it really is simple and very accurate.”

“A great course! I look forward to using my knowledge”

“I will use what I learned to make my job more efficient and to give me more confidence in the future.”

“Roof Made Easy” by Stan B. Thank you

“The cheat sheets are fantastic”

“Material was very well explained in a visual manner which made the concepts clear and understandable”


Plumbing and Electrical with Bob Sutherland

The following are anonymous testimonials.

“I now have knowledge of how to properly wire and explain to customers the basic steps of running household wire.”

“It will be great for us cashiers to be able to help more customers with their questions and do well for the company”

“Was really great seminar with lots of great instruction. Bob does a great job.”

“A big group of companies are able to learn the same correct knowledge to pass on.”